Fujiwara style and its clan spread throughout the country

Not to mention Tochigi,

【Tochigi】 There are famous bushi/samurai whose names are from the place name of Tochigi.  Such as Ashikaga clan, Oyama clan, Nagahama clan (later Minagawa clan), Sano clan, and Nasu clan. Utsunomiya clan is also an indirected relative of Fujiwara clan. 

Tochigi is full of Fujiwara families?!
the current Tochigi with Fujiwara Hidesato's clans 


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Tochigi is full of castle ruins?!
They are left by the ancestors of Hidesato Fujiwara, who remains in the current municipality

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Begins with Fujiwara no Kamatari
Genealogy of the Fujiwara family

藤原氏 藤原秀郷の先祖と子孫の家系図と系譜