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June 12 (Sat) Tochigi Prefectural Cultural Center Sub-Hall

Professor Tetsuo Owada
Talking about Hidesato Fujiwara, a samurai in Tochigi prefecture
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"Fujiwara no Hidesato" modern novel is finally out!

Now on sale.


Mr. Mizuno has been writing [Genealogy of Samurai Bando] in the Sankei Shimbun since 2017 since he was a newspaper reporter.

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What kind of site is this ? -This is a portal site which was born in Tochigi prefecture. We provide details about Bando bushi/samurai and local information about Tochigi.

The Rise Of The Samurai.

The rise of the samurai-Bando bushi/samurai is the beginning of the samurai. What we can do is to tell the background and legends of Tochigi's hero "Fujiwara Hidesato" and his clan, who have made great achievements in history.

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January 25, 2021 (Monday)

" A Song of Domeki"
English version is now available!

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